Musician Services During Lockdown

Many members of bands that we work with on the White Star label, through related labels, and other projects are either full time musicians or rely on their music as part of their income. They have therefore been adversely affected by gig cancellations and recording sessions and at the moment there is uncertainty over when things will get back to normal. In order to get through these tough times many of those musicians are offering services such as online tuition, mixing sessions, online sessions, graphic design, etc. So if you fancy engaging one of your favourite musicians to help your project and help them through this difficult time, this could be a great opportunity. Services, Links, Contact details below.

The Room

Eric Bouillette - online lessons for guitar, violin or piano - bouilletteeric.wixsite.com
Steve Anderson - web design, graphic design, artworking - steve@steve-anderson.co.uk
Andy Rowe - voice over, translation services, video editing - andy@voice-over.org.uk


Dean Nelson (band manager) - music production, mixing and mastering services, home demo critique, music promotion advice - www.generationstudio.co.uk - dean@generationstudio.co.uk

The Paradox Twin

Graham Brown - online piano and drum lessons, available for remote recording sessions in home studio - www.grahambrowndrums.co.uk - grahambrowndrums@gmail.com


John Mitchell (White Star co-owner, guitarist, songwriter, producer, etc.) - studio services including recording, mixing, mastering, session guitar, etc. - outhousestudios.co.uk - info@outhousestudios.co.uk
Steve Vantsis (bass player for Lonely Robot, Fish, and more) - print and online design for artists, bands, and labels including album covers, fliers, web design, etc. - www.svsdesign.net - info@svsdesign.net

Contact Us

Email: info@white-star-records.com
Address: White Star Records Ltd. PO BOX 3037, Wokingham, Berks, RG40 4GR, UK

Demo Policy

We (eventually) listen to all submissions - but please note that we are much more likely to listen to your music in a timely manner if you send us an email with links to streaming audio (ideally Soundcloud) or video (ideally YouTube).

Please keep in mind that we are a small company and therefore sadly don't always have the time to get back to you quickly but will always endeavour to get back to you at some point.


White Star Records is a new record label project created by two dedicated music obsessives! The project combines the skills of John Mitchell (singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer) and Chris Hillman (owner and founder of Magick Eye Records). The pair met in 2013 when Chris was using John's own recording studio, Outhouse Studios, for a band on his long standing Magick Eye Records Label. They found they had lots of ideas in common and became firm friends. Many discussions (and pub meals!) followed during which the collaboration of White Star Records was born. The ethos behind the label is simply to release great music, that both John & Chris enthuse about, with no restrictions on style or genre. The first release was the exclusive 'The Nostalgia Factory' EP by John Mitchell and signings now include Kim Seviour, Voices From the Fuselage and Kepler Ten.

Store and Delivery Information

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