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Quantum Pig

Citing a diverse palette of influences that adventures through the likes of Carl Sagan, Queen, Husker Du and beyond, Ian Faragher and Mark Stevenson (otherwise known as Quantum Pig) are thrilled to announce their signing to White Star Records.


Commenting on their induction to the White Star Records “family”, Faragher remarks…


 “It’s the perfect home for us. We’ve been huge fans of John Mitchell’s work for years, whether that’s as a songwriter, musician or producer. We couldn’t have found a better fit in terms of our intentions for the band going forward.”


Bandmate Stevenson adds…


“White Star allow us the freedom to explore any avenue whilst simultaneously plugging us into the heart of the prog. They’re also lovely people to boot. It’s the best of all possible worlds.”


Run by Chris Hillman and John Mitchell, White Star Records enjoys a growing roster of bands, including Voices From The Fuselage (featuring ex-TesseracT vocalist Ashe O’Hara) and The Paradox Twin.


Expressing a keen enthusiasm and grand vision for the future of White Star Records, Chris Hillman remarks:


“We are keen for White Star to be at the forefront of signing and developing new progressive musical talent, so it is an exciting prospect to be working with such unique musical and intellectual talents as Ian and Mark.”

To commemorate their signing to White Star Records, Quantum Pig are releasing their first single ‘Citizen and State’ on 23rd November. Described as “a meeting between The Stranglers and Kraftwerk in the house of Sonic Youth”, Quantum Pig’s debut single soars across a memorable, exploratory and playful soundscape that clearly telegraphs the band’s ambitions for the future. Also lending his talents to the impressive artistry housed within ‘Citizen And State’, prog-drummer du jour Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Frost*) underpins the beating, rhythmic heart of the single with tight precision - and will also feature in Quantum Pig’s as-yet-unannounced, forthcoming material…


Watch the listening video for Citizen and State HERE


Yes, Quantum Pig successfully lassoos the musical essence of a veritable smorgasbord of otherwise unlikely bedfellows...


“We've never seen Prog and Punk as enemies," says Ian. "I'm as likely to go to a Sleaford Mods gig as I am to see Yes. Musically Citizen and State is about taking the raw intent of Black Flag and throwing it into a prog/electronica mixing bowl and feeling the result."


"When we started working on Citizen and State I was immediately reminded of my favourite prog/punk crossover act The Stranglers, so there's something of the spirit of The Men In Black in here," adds Mark. ““But we can't resist a hook, so there's a chorus you can sing along to, which acts as a nice counterpoint to the philosophy and howling.”


Intriguing, diverse, artistic and bold. Quantum Pig’s debut single ‘Citizen And State’ is guaranteed to make heads turn and ears burn (pleasurably, of course!)



Quantum Pig maintain that they are a prog band and “not a prog band” simultaneously. Formed by Ian Faragher and futurist and author Mark Stevenson, the band manages to pen an unashamed love-letter to prog whilst seeking to break new ground, from punk to pop, brass band, electronica and classic rock. Initially conceived as side-project, blurred beginnings soon sharpened to reveal a clear path towards greater things - and a signing with White Star Records.


Quantum Pig’s musical powerhouse is Ian Faragher. Composer, acoustician and multi-instrumentalist, Faragher has played an active part in the UK experimental music scene for over ten years with his ‘Sonic  Imperfections’ concert series and radio show (Resonance FM). Outside of Quantum Pig he performs and releases experimental music with ‘The Broca Ensemble’ (Champion Version Records), the ‘Tonal Liberation Army’ and ‘The Drone Choir’.


Resident philosopher Mark Stevenson has two overlapping lives, one as a writer and musician, the other  as a ‘reluctant futurist’. As one of the world’s most respected thinkers on the interplay of technology and  society, he spends a large part of his life exploring the cutting edge. He’s also the author of two best-selling books.


Stay tuned for more on Quantum Pig!


Quantum Pig is:

Ian Faragher - Vocals, guitars, keys

Mark Stevenson - Vocals, bass, keys


Quantum Pig’s live performance is supported by a rhythm section of session musicians and second guitarist

Social Media Links:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/QuantumPig/

Twitter - @QuantumPigBand

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/quantumpig/


Quantum Pig - Songs of Industry and Sunshine