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Kepler Ten

Kepler Ten are a new powerful melodic prog rock band featuring three excellent musicians - James Durand (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards), Steve Hales (Drums, Piano) and Richie Cahill (Guitars). Steve has previously been in bands including Stranglehold, Steve Grimmett’s Seven Deadly Sins & Lionsheart whilst James & Richie performed together in Arrival.

The signing came about following Prog magazine’s feature earlier in the year about the launch of White Star Records. Following this John & Chris were inundated with demos and one that stood out from the rest was Delta V, a demo of an album by Kepler Ten.

Kepler Ten were formed in 2014 when, having already worked together on various projects, Steve, James and Richie teamed up as a three piece to play some Rush tribute shows. The project under the name R2 – A Tribute To Rush, which still continues, was so well received and so enjoyable that they quickly made the decision to begin writing original music.

With Steve and James coming from a progressive rock background and Richie providing a harder, heavier rock guitar the band influences are diverse. Muse, Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Van Halen and even some Queen.

James: "We joked about writing "quantum prog". Music that is both prog and not prog at the same time. We wanted to make songs that were interesting, full of melody and colour but that you could still tap your foot to."

With a lyricist drummer, a singing bass player and a rocking guitarist the comparison to Rush is unavoidable and the influence can sometimes be heard in Kepler Ten’s music, but there is so much more.

James had been a Frost* fan for years and when he saw that John Mitchell was setting up a new label he immediately contacted Steve.

Steve: "There was no discussion to have. We immediately knew that this was where we wanted to go. When I heard back from John and Chris and realised that they liked our songs that was it, we were on a mission. White Star are the perfect blend of musician/producer and industry professional and jolly nice chaps they are too. Within 15 minutes of our very first meeting (which of course was down the pub) John and James were happily comparing their Star Wars shoes! Bonkers."

John : “We were sent so many demos following our feature in Prog that Chris & I had to spend a few days ploughing through them all. There was a lot of good stuff there but one that leapt out above the rest was Kepler Ten. It was one of the last ones we listened to and we were getting a bit tired but we both went….yes!!! The Star Wars shoes were obviously the deciding factor though ’

White Star released Kepler Ten’s debut album, Delta V, on 10th February 2017 to critical acclaim preceeded by the single 'Time and Tide'. The album was recorded by the band in their own studio and was mixed by John Mitchell in his Outhouse Recording Studio. 



Kepler Ten - Delta-v