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Kepler Ten

“An auspicious debut” -Prog Magazine
“A wonderful combination of feel good tracks and narrative highs” -Distorted Sound
“Purely and simply an astounding piece of work on every level” -Maximum Volume-The Rock Pit

Boasting a broad and diverse range of influences from the likes of Muse, Rush and Dream Theater to Queensryche, Van Halen and Queen, Kepler Ten scored remarkable success with their debut offering. Performing shows with the likes of Lonely Robot, Von Hertzen Brothers and HRH Prog VI and receiving a nomination in the 2017 UK Prog Awards saw the band quickly generate interest among the prog-loving public - mirrored with the several inclusions in journalist's top 10 albums of the same year.

In November 2020, they released their second album.

 ‘A New Kind of Sideways’ is a semi-conceptual album that is humanitarian and philanthropic in its theme. Boasting the message that “as human beings we are all the same and have a duty of care and responsibility towards each other regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality.” Kepler Ten expresses their frustration that we all bleed the same colour, yet “we seem to spend most of our time finding ways to make life difficult for one another.“

By semi-conceptual, the band have said that although each track on the album stands alone as its own individual entity, the album is encompassed and held together in a cyclical manner by the first and last track.

“The second part of the three part closer - One and the Same – is an instrumental section that rewinds back through musical themes from the preceding songs, taking the message and feeling of universality back through the album to that moment of clarity right at the start.”


Kepler Ten - A New Kind of Sideways

Kepler Ten - Delta-v