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Kepler Ten - Delta-v

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Release Date: 10th February 2017

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Kepler Ten are a powerful melodic and progressive hard rock band from Southampton UK based around James Durand (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards) & Steve Hales (Drums, Piano). 

Kepler Ten's debut album 'Delta-v' was mixed and mastered by John Mitchell and was released on February 10th 2017. Lyrically there are two main themes that are woven throughout the album. The first is the sun which effectively bookends 'Delta-v'. The opening track - Ultraviolet - begins with the sound of the rising sun breaking the horizon and beginning a brand new day. The other theme that run through 'Delta-v' is a human one. Our need to be able to come to terms with situations and to have the courage to change course. Richie Cahill played Guitar for the album recording. 

With Steve and James coming from a progressive and also a harder rock background the bands influences are diverse. Muse, Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Van Halen and even some Queen.

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The album is available on digital and CD from all good stores. The CD is a clear, jewel-case with 12-page colour lyric booklet. A limited edition free signed band photo was available with initial copies ordered direct from us at White Star.