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Kim Seviour - Fantasise To Realise

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Kim Seviour recently announced that she had signed to White Star Records, the new label formed byJohn Mitchell and Chris Hillman. The announcement caused a flurry of enthusiastic and excited activity on social media from Kim’s followers who had previously been concerned that she might not make music again following her decision last year to leave Touchstone.

Kim is currently in John Mitchell’s Outhouse Recording Studio, writing and recording a new album with John for release later in the year. In the meantime Kim has recorded a one-off track which will be released as a single on her birthday on March 7th. She has also released a teaser video featuring the opening section of the single.

The track entitled Fantasise To Realise was written by Marc Swordfish from Astralasia and was being worked on in the studio by John and Chris. They asked Kim to add some backing vocals but she liked it so much she insisted on trying some lead vocals too. The results were so good that Kim had made the track her own and the trio decided that it should be released.

Although Fantasise To Realise is an incredible uplifting anthem Kim has decided that it won’t be on the forthcoming new album due to the fact that the current plan is for that to feature all new music written by Kim and John. The single is planned to be a digital release but for those that prefer something physical, there will be a very limited edition one track CD signed by Kim.

Kim also appears as guest vocalist on the new The Nostalgia Factory EP by John Mitchell which is also being be released by White Star Records.

About Kim Seviour:-

Kim Seviour joined the band, Touchstone as lead vocalist in 2007 and recorded four albums with them. The band toured extensively and Kim gained an excellent reputation for her incredible vocals and stage presence. She decided to leave Touchstone in 2015 and was signed as a solo artist to White Star Records in early 2016. Kim has received many accolades over the years and was voted in the Top 10 in Prog Magazine’s Woman Of The Year and Female Vocalist Of The Year in their latest poll.

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