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Kepler Ten - A New Kind of Sideways

Kepler Ten - Delta-v

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Kyros - Celexa Dreams

Kyros - Celexa Streams

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Kyros - Celexa Streams

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Release Date: 26th March 2021

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'Celexa Streams' is a collection of 13 live tracks taken from the band's very popular Isolation Session gigs that they hosted throughout 2020. The album features songs from the band's highly acclaimed album 'Celexa Dreams' that came out in June 2020, in addition to other fan favourites.

“It’s been great revisiting the Isolation Gig performances to put this release together. We really enjoyed doing those streams on Facebook and they were certainly well received. Whilst we continue to work away in the background on future plans and new material, we figured we would put out the Celexa Streams release complete with each of the tracks remixed and mastered. This is our way of keeping our fans entertained and tied over until then and hopefully reminds everyone of those little glimmers of positivity through what was quite a depressing 2020.”

Robin, Kyros's drummer says  - "When putting this album together, we went back and listened through the livestream recordings we made last year, and picked out what we felt were the best performances to go on the album. The recordings have been completely remixed for this album which I think gives them a new lease of life. I hope people enjoy them!”

Standing as one of many bands that have adapted to a new professional landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Isolation Sessions that resulted in 'Celexa Streams' became favourably viewed as an opportunity for Kyros fans to gather together with a shared love of the band's music and to feel the support of a music based community throughout the pandemic. 

'Celexa Streams' will be available on streaming platforms and as a very limited run of CD's available here