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The Paradox Twin - Silence from Signals

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Although the first album was based around alien conspiracies, the second album has a very different concept, with inspiration coming from Danny’s own family experiences. In the same week that ‘The Importance of Mr Bedlam’ was released, Danny's second son was born and also around the same time his eldest son, was diagnosed with autism. That's a lot to take in for anyone with negatives and positives colliding at the same time and made Danny consider why different things happen to different people and the effects that it has on their lives.

These thoughts inspired Danny to create the theme of the second album by The Paradox Twin, ‘Silence from Signals’ which focuses on a story of twins, a boy and a girl. The boy is disabled and the girl isn’t and as the boy grows up he struggles to understand why he is different. The boy is also abused by his father, becomes outcast for being so different and unfortunately the result is that he ultimately drowns himself. Although it is quite a dark story, Danny hopes that the powerful feel of the music and lyrics will help make people more aware and understand the difficulties of autism and he says :-
‘I wanted to do something a bit different on the album, making people aware of something they have probably heard of but don't know much about, by creating some powerful music and lyrics that will hopefully move people emotionally’

The album, like the debut, was due to be recorded at Outhouse Studio but due to lockdown the band weren’t able to go there so, in order to progress things, Danny & Graham from the band, recorded as much as they could in their own home set ups, linking remotely with the rest of the band. When restrictions were eased they went into Outhouse to record vocals with John Mitchell sprinkling his ‘Mitchell magic’ on the final mix. The recording added to the story with Danny providing the voice to the boy in the story and Nicole providing the voice to the girl. You can hear the emotion in the powerful vocal performances from both.

Listen to the first single, ‘Wake Vortex’ here and watch the video here. Listen to the album here.